Thursday Night Music Club

Live music in and around Carlton, Nottingham


Here's some classic reggae for you featuring Ibrahim, Paul, Baz, Two Harps Dave and Paul Dunn

Paul, Baz & Andy playing 'Before You Accuse Me' at The Doghouse, Carlton Hill, Nottingham

Tele Dactyl, Paul, Baz & Clive playing 'Folsom Prison Blues' at The Doghouse, Carlton Hill Nottingham


Twisted playing No One Knows at The Old Volunteer, Carlton, Nottingham

Rob, Paul, Andy and Barry at the 1st jam night at the Blue Note

Featuring Paul on guitar & vocals, J.J Tombs on bass and although you can't see him Pete Pearson on drums.

Here's Siobhan's first ever performance on stage at The Doghouse with Dave Cox on guitar, J J Tombs on bass and Otis Bluesblagger on drums

And this is Siobhan's second song from her short set

And, if this works, what follows is a video shot from a 360degree camera. If it doesn't work via this web site, then just follow it to YouTube itself where you can look around the whole room.