Thursday Night Music Club

Live music in and around Carlton, Nottingham

Any questions

If I want to play what do I need to do?

Ask one of the musicians to point you in the direction of the evening’s co-ordinator

I need a guitarist, bass player, keyboard player, drummer?

If you haven’t got the full complement of musicians to back you, we may be able to find you someone to help out. Bear in mind though that we may not all know the songs, so whoever plays with you might need help. Be prepared to explain it before you get up so they can decide if they can do it for you.

How long do I get to play?

The general rule, to try to keep it fair for all, is that you get three songs and then need to make way for whoever is next. Longer sets might be possible depending on attendance but are the exception.

On occasions, we may ask you to play again perhaps with another group depending on the number of players there.

Can I bring my own amplifier/effects/drums?

Of course you can!

Again, to try to make the event run smoothly we would ask you to be able to get set up quickly and not spend 10 minutes plugging stuff in and ‘tweaking your sound.’ Can’t you tell this is aimed at guitarists!

We appreciate you want to get ‘your sound’ but we also want everyone else to enjoy the evening too and there’s nothing worse than watching someone plug gear in and tune up. It’s not known as Chinese torture for nothing you know (Tu Ning…..!)

We’ll let you off if someone else in the band is an accomplished comedian, juggler or ventriloquist and are prepared to fill in for you but that’s the exception.

Do I need to bring my own guitar/bass/keyboard/flute/saxophone?

We try to have a house guitar, bass and drum kit available but this depends on the generosity of the musicians there so guitarists with intentions of doing a Pete Townsend might find some resistance. Of course if Pete Townsend turns up, all bets are off!

Sorry but brass, violins and acoustics aren’t available unless someone is there with one and is happy to lend it out. We don’t get much call for them to be honest but thought we’d better explain anyway.

If it’s a jam session/open mic night, can a band get up?

Of course. It’s one way you can audition to get a gig.

Can I go on first/last/at a certain time?

If there is a genuine need to be on before a certain time (bus, travel, wife/girlfriend etc) we’ll try to help but make no promises. There are no ‘headline acts’ so don’t try and be one. Egos need to be left in the car park for everyone to enjoy the night.

What equipment is available?

There is a decent backline of amplifiers for guitar and bass,a decent drum kit with stands and cymbals, and a vocal PA system capable of handling up to 4 singers at once. At present we are still seeking D.I boxes to properly plug acoustic instruments in and perhaps vocal monitors..

I’m only a beginner, can I still play?

If you want to give performing a go, and can conquer your nerves, by all means. We’ve all done it and know how tough it can be to raise the courage. Just think of the adrenaline rush you get afterwards though. It’s worth it!

I have a suggestion to make things better!

We're doing our best to make the night as successful as it can be but new ideas are always welcome so don't be embarrassed if you think you can contribute. Find Robin on the night and tell him what you are thinking might work. or what is needed and he'll see what he can do with it. The Thursday Night Music Club is a community that exists for the benefit of all so anyone that can make it better is most welcome.