Thursday Night Music Club

Live music in and around Carlton, Nottingham

About Us

Welcome to The Thursday Night Music Club's web site.

We are a friendly and inclusive group dedicated to supporting live music in and around the Carlton area of Nottingham and host a weekly 'open mic-jam session' every Thursday within a local venue.

The group's history can be traced back decades having originally started at The Old Volunteer before a change of landlord and pub direction forced us to relocate. At that point, and after the hassle that caused, we created a Facebook group and this web site so that the community could be picked up and moved from venue to venue when necessary and it continues to this day despite having had to move three times since then.

The group prides itself on providing a platform for anyone to perform either on their own or with some of the experienced musicians who attend. You can bring your own instrument or use those we provide just as long as you join in and have fun.